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ruthless compassion
24 May 2007 @ 11:45 am
I feel like being inquisitive. Want me to ask you a question? Comment here. Just for kicks, comments screened.

I'll reply to your comment with a question, which will allow people who "sticky" the post to read your comment, though not who made it. You can answer in comment, which I will unscreen if you give me the ok, or on your lj, or in comment that I leave screened.
ruthless compassion
24 May 2007 @ 12:17 pm
Awesome survey response of the day:

Q: What were the biggest strengths of [item]?
A: I was layed out very well and easy to use.

ruthless compassion
24 May 2007 @ 06:54 pm
It's spider hatching season, and an egg sac clearly just hatched on the side of the house. Better than in my bedroom, which happened last year.

Bad, blurry photo back here:Collapse )