June 28th, 2007


the day after

Thanks, everyone, for your supportive comments yesterday.

Today, I'm still a little emotionally low on cope, but 10 times better than yesterday. Physically, I have some impressive bruises forming, but my scrapes don't seem too bad, and everything that was swelling last night (miss_chance's comment was, "Yes, I'm used to feet looking significantly more like feet and less like a balloon!") is mostly back to its regular size and shape today. I haven't discovered any new aches or pains since last night, which is a pleasant surprise, and overall, I feel better than I did before I went to sleep.

I've mostly decided not to file an accident report and let door lady pay me outright, though she's being super bitchy about it, which makes me feel less sanguine about that choice. I have 'til Sunday morning to file, though, so I guess I can always change my mind. Still, it's frustrating to feel like I'm doing her a favor AND that she's lucky my bike wasn't more costly and that I wasn't hurt worse, and have her act like I'm being unreasonable and taking advantage of her.