July 11th, 2007


oh, man

Despite the fact that it's been well over 24 hours since I last had any alcohol, I woke up this morning feeling slightly drunk and/or very hung-over. I typically ascribe this feeling to sleeping deeply for not enough time.

Now, I could take this opportunity to complain about not getting to sleep in... but what I'm going to do is take this opportunity to bask in the realization that the next time I'm going to be getting up on someone else's schedule will be August 7. This is an unexpectedly delightful realization.

In other news, I'm notably homesick/nostalgic for Xela.

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The next blind dance will be Sunday, August 19, 10:30am - 1pm at the Dance Complex in Central Square (536 Mass Ave, Cambridge). We will be in Studio 1.

As always, this is open to friends and friends of friends, so feel free to spread the word. Kids are welcome if they are old/big enough to have their own experience here, or if they are supervised so they don't become hazardous to dancers who can't see them.

I suggest you wear clothing that's comfortable for dancing, which will include any movement you like, up to and including rolling around on the floor. No shoes are allowed in the studio! You might also like to have a snack or water with you. I will have spare blindfolds and handkerchiefs, but if you have one you like, bringing it is a good idea, too.

As ever, I would love to know ahead of time approximately how many people to expect. If you know you'll be there, please let me know!

If you have music that you think would be good for this, I will happily take suggestions or potential contributions to the playlist!

[FAQ: What is this? A blind dance is a dancing event where dancers wear blindfolds as a way to change their experience of dancing. Depending on the level of spotting -- which will vary based on who and how many people are at any given event -- there will be one or more spotters who aren't blindfolded and will keep an eye on things. If you want to attend to dance or spot or both, you're welcome.]

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Normally, when I'm traveling for a month at a time, I'm going one place, with one-maybe-two styles of clothing needed, which means it's relatively easy to plan for it. I might need one dressy outfit and some outdoor clothes and a couple of day-to-day outfits, even if I'll be gone for four months.

This trip I'm starting tomorrow? Less so.

I need clothes for:
Wyoming casual (easy -- this is basic day-to-day clothes plus warm layers)
Wyoming wedding (special outfit)
General hanging out
Fancy dinners out (at least one, possibly as many as three)
Birthday party (mine, creative dressy, plus other stuff)
Other party (differently creatively dressy)
Driving across the country (comfy clothes, probably covered by day-to-day clothes)

And I should probably bring a swimsuit, just in case.

Well, hell, that shouldn't be so hard!

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Or, instead of packing, I could just throw myself on the mercy of goodwill stores across the country and test my NRE/luck!

Poll #1019843 goodwill?

This is a...

good idea!
bad idea!