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ruthless compassion
Sunday morning, after going to bed too late on Saturday due to a fun wedding, my dad and I got up early to hike up to Corbet High Camp on Teepe Glacier between the Middle and Grand Tetons. High camp is maintained by Jackson Hole Mountain Guides, which used to be my dad's business. Though he sold it about 7 years ago, he's still quite friendly with JHMG, so when it turned out that high camp was going to be totally empty Sunday night, they mentioned it to him in case he wanted to go up and climb the Grand, or any of about a thousand other things to climb up there. He ran it by me and my brother, and we all figured, well, sure! We'll be hung over from the wedding, but big deal, right? Then, Monday, Dan and Dad could go climbing, I'd make a leisurely descent, and maybe we'd all take a dip in Jenny Lake at the end of the day.

Lots of pictures back here:Collapse )
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