July 29th, 2007


Happy birthday to me!

My awesome roommate miss_chance posted this today:

Today is aroraborealis's birthday.

In honor of such, I'd like to suggest that each of you who know her well do something for yourself today that would make her laugh, smile, be proud of you, or just be happy for you. Think about telling her, and her tossing back her head and laughing and saying "That's Wonderful!"

She's right. That's a kickass thing for you to do to help me celebrate my bday. So do it, and then tell me about it, send a photo of you doing it, a video, a soundtrack, or whatever, either here, or the next time I see you in person.


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What kind of birthday is it if you don't fall on your ass repeatedly in front of a crowd?

(Aka, flying kites is fun, but the four-line kite kicked my butt and dragged me around the turf, but it was super fun.)

Happy tired birthday girl

Normally, I have a busy schedule. I work, I play, I hang out with friends and lovers. And interspersed here and there, I get an occasional night off, either planned or unexpected, or an afternoon of down-time when I roll out the yoga mat sparkymonster gave me and stare up at the undersides of the branches and leaves that overhang the back porch at An Undisclosed Location. Normally, I get some mental idle time by chatting with friends online and reading livejournal while recuperating my energy to deal with the world.

The last few weeks, this is less true, because I've been off doing incredibly fun things, including, but not limited to:

hiking much of the way up a mountain, seeing a childhood friend get married and my brother make a remarkably fantastic toast, embarrassing a family member for saying something rude, developing crushes on people who are inappropriately distant from my home, cultivating crushes on people who are inappropriately distant from my home, catching up with friends I don't see often enough, eating amazing produce, envying the growing season in the bay area, beginning to repair a relationship too long laid aside after a breach, seeing mind-bending art, achieving a major goal I set for myself on my last birthday, eating speech-stealingly good food, missing a lot of people, throwing a fun party, feeling stupidly shy, talking to strangers and enjoying it, talking to strangers and loathing it, sleeping less than I ought, thinking about what I'm going to do after grad school, fantasizing, dreaming, laughing, building friendships new and postponed, soaking in hot water, getting dirty, turning 31, dancing, and deeply, deeply loving my life.

Amidst all that, I haven't had a whole lot of down-time, so I'm also really, really tired. I figure I'll be able to recuperate after Burning Man and the first couple of weeks of classes. So, uh, I'll be fit company come, oh, mid-September. Which is just as well, because that's more or less the next free time slot in my calendar, anyway.