August 5th, 2007


Ann Arbor!

Yesterday afternoon, we pulled into Ann Arbor, which has tricked at least me and kcatalyst into thinking that the trip is over even though we still need to drive to Columbus today. Still, at about 3 hours, that drive hardly seems like a drive in the grand scheme of things. As I said to kcatalyst, I might not even pee before I get in the car! That's how easy that leg seems to me!

I think I last had internet and down time in Kansas, which feels like ages and ages ago! We spent Thursday night at the house of my very close childhood friend, Robin, in Kansas City, MO. I got to meet her youngest son, who's five -- it's kind of embarrassing that I hadn't met him before! Someday, I'm going to do a road trip and visit everyone I know in the US.

Maybe I'll combine that with the awesome road trip bus tour kcatalyst came up with: a tour of US wineries! They're all over the place, and who knows if they're any good, but there's really only one way to find out.

Okay, maybe there's another way to find out, but doesn't that sound like fun? Plus, we could combine it with going to all the yummy road food places along the way.

From Kansas City, we drove on to Indianapolis, didn't find the road food place we'd hoped to hit and tried Steak and Shake instead. As fast food goes, it wasn't awful, but that's not particularly high praise. Then we had a difficult night due to a sick boy who took a bad fall in the pool area of the hotel and had us quite worried for basically the rest of the evening. (He's fine now.)

The first several nights of the trip, I didn't sleep well, and silly me, I didn't even think about the fact that even though I was tired at the end of each day of driving, I still hadn't done anything particularly physical during the day, which I think was keeping me from sleeping well. The one good thing about the night in Indiana is that I managed to swim for a while before bed, and then I walked in the morning, and sleep since then has been much better. Duh, right? But this is the first time I've ever had that come up; maybe I'm active enough in my day to day life that I generally sleep okay? Or what with the running and etc, my body is more addicted to activity than it has been in the past? Who knows, but it's obviously a good thing to know.

Yesterday was a pretty easy day, with about four hours from Indianapolis to Ann Arbor, and today should be easy, too. I fly home in the evening, arriving late. It'll be awfully nice to be home, though I don't really have much in the way of recuperative alone time until after next week, since this coming weekend I have a wedding (which I'm excited about) and then a business trip immediately after that. Both of which will be fun and/or interesting, but ... well, summer's supposed to be busy, right?

Road trips though... they're fun! Can I get someone to pay me for this?