August 6th, 2007


home again, home again

So. I'm in that predictable mindset of being delighted to be home, to have slept in my own bed, to be petting my cat and sitting on my porch, while also being deflated and let-down that my trip, which was really out of this world, is over. There's nothing to be done about post-trip drop, I think, but be where I am and let myself catch up with me, but it's hard.

Crush on me, baby

If I'm home, it must be Monday. And if it's Monday, I must be procrastinating some work.

Let's talk about crushes, since a) they're fun and b) I have been collecting a new set in recent weeks and months. As you can glean from item a), I like having crushes. It adds a little zing and spice to the day and I almost never, these days, get the agonizing kind I used to get back in high school, where the longing was painful and forlorn. (Actually, I did develop one of those in Guatemala, and I was reminded how awful they are.) So, in general, I find crushes sparkly and fun.

This is true even when it's a pretty strong crush that also makes me feel shy and twitterpated about someone. Though then it can get into the territory of things where I annoy myself because it makes me afraid to make a move, whereas I flirt shamelessly with people when there's either no intent or where all of our cards are on the table already.

I'm also pretty happy to have people have crushes on me, as long as I don't have the sense from them that they have expectations or are making demands on me on the basis of their crush. It's flattering and zippy, in general, to know someone's crushed out on me.

What about you? Do you like crushes? Both giving and receiving? One or the other or neither? Do you have a crush on me or someone else you want to admit, or do you want to know if I have a crush on you? You know what to do!

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