September 15th, 2007


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You can tell I'm at a permaculture event when I post lots of pictures of people getting grubby or of unfathomable outdoorsy crafts projects.

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After dinner, which was included as part of the class, we went to the corner liquor store and bought some caramel cream, and then across to the convenience store on the other corner for milk and ice cream. dancingwolfgrrl accused me of being an incorrigible flirt, but I say I was just being friendly when I asked the clerk if there was a thing to say to someone who's just breaking his Ramadan fast (which he had just told us he was doing while we were deciding on our ice cream selection). That's neither here nor there, though, because the end result was that we had alcohol and fatty dairy products before going and sitting in the awesome whirlpool in our hotel. I recognize that this may not be fully sustainable living, but camping would have been unsustainable in a different direction, and I sure am glad to be in a hotel this soggy weekend.

I'm unreasonably tired, which I theorize is lingering lethargy from Burning Man, so I'm going to sleep early tonight and hope that I catch up a bit.