October 3rd, 2007


wet hair poll

Poll #1065251 Wet hair?

How long does it take your hair to dry?*

Less than 10 minutes
10 - 30 minutes
30 minutes - 1 hour
1-2 hours
2-3 hours
3-4 hours
4+ hours

* Towel-dry if you do that, but not blow dryer and not braided or otherwise put up, which can obviously extend drying time into the day+ range.
no whining!

running: keep the pace

I just went out for a short run, because it's cool and nice out and I didn't feel like getting started with work, yet.

When I started keeping track of my pace way back last year sometime, I learned that I keep a pretty steady pace around the 12min/mile point, give or take a bit depending on all sorts of things.

Today, if my calculations are right, I ran the first half of my run at a 20 minute mile pace (!!!), and the second half at 10:30. Ooookay... That's weird enough, but on top of that, I can't figure out why the halves didn't feel at all different.

(Actually, I feel like this isn't possibly true. I normally walk at 20min/mile or slightly more, and I was passing walkers at a reasonable rate both ways this morning. Maybe I just need a new stopwatch.)

Twilight treats

Twilight folks:

I'll be in Chinatown in the morning for a site visit with my EJ class, which means I'm going to pick up some treats for the weekend while I'm there. Any requests? I'll certainly be getting some sesame balls (the kind with red bean paste in the middle) and at least one sticky rice wrapped in leaves.

If there's something you'd like that I can pick up for you, let me know.