November 13th, 2007

happy petals

let's make the world more awesome

Changing this one up a bit:

I love making and doing awesome little things for people, so I jumped on this meme. The original goes like this:

I will send something small but awesome to the first three people who reply to this entry asking for it. You'll receive it within the next year. Said people (and any of the rest of you who feel so inspired) should post the same offer to your journals, thereby spreading the awesome around.

But I'm going to do it differently, because not everyone reads lj constantly throughout the day: I will guarantee that I will make or do something small but awesome for at least 5 people to respond to this who have delivered or will deliver more awesome into the world. My fantasy goal is to make or do something awesome for all respondents, but even I am not crazy enough to promise that. [EDIT: Actually, I am. Everyone who responds wanting something awesome will get it.] You'll get what's coming to you within a year!
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Few things make me feel so much like a true student as an evening spent with my readings in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.
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After about a month of full-fledged life explosion, albeit on a relatively small scale, I pressed the "reset" button two weekends in a row, once by staying home and having some friends over (thanks, friends!) two weekends ago and once, this weekend, by fleeing the state and visiting kcatalyst and trom and young S and not doing a lick of work the whole time. It was great, and even though I was afraid I'd come back feeling guilty and terrified of the load of deadlines staring me down, I actually feel as I hoped I would: refreshed and refocused.

I'm actually not fully rebalanced, but I'm feeling okay about that. As I said to someone recently, one of the ways I know I'm depressed is that everything seems blah and even though I can intellectually appreciate what's great about my life, it has no emotional content. Right now, in contrast, my moods are mercurial and I'm unusually easily upset, but I feel the goodness of my life, even though I've spent a lot of the last month feeling stressed and sad and discombobulated. Buuut... that all actually feels, abstractly, good, because a lot of it is because I'm working on stuff, and the reason I'm not okay right now is because I'm going to be better later.

At least, that's my working theory.

But it still feels nice to have had a couple of really great, refreshing weekends and have a sense that maybe, just maybe, there's some earth down there under my feet.