November 22nd, 2007

happy petals

Because one day of thanksgiving isn't enough (4 of 7)

Today is Thanksgiving proper, and, so, it's the right day to say how thankful I am for the people in my life, because no matter where I am or what I'm doing, the people around me make or break it. And how indescribably lucky I am that the people in my life inevitably make it.

I look around at the people I'm close to, and it tells me that I must be doing something really right in my life to be surrounded by such a wealth of amazing people. And I mean you.

I'm thankful that I find goodness and people bringing goodness into the world everywhere I go. I'm lucky that I've seen, time and again, how amazingly great people are, all over the place.

I so appreciate the ways that my friends and family support me, encourage me, prod me, challenge me, help me move from one place to another. I'm incredibly lucky that you push me to reconsider myself and my place in the world and that you accept me for who I am, flaws and all, even as you help me become someone new.

I'm also thankful for the ways that the people I love are good, not just to me, but in the world. I see you all put a lot of goodness out into your work, your friends, your families, your homes and neighborhoods, and I value you for that and for your engagement with all the things you love and feel passionate about. How you feed yourselves and your passions inspires me and gives me hope.

I'm thankful for you in all your perfection and all your flaws, for the easy good times we have and the challenging hurdles we cross together, for what you do and who you are.

May your day and year overflow with blessings large and small.