November 23rd, 2007


Because one day of thanksgiving isn't enough (5 of 7)

Today, I'm thankful for meaningful freedom. That is, not the freedom that tells me I can do whatever I want, but the freedom inside my own thinking that I'm discovering and that allows me to imagine what I might want, out of all the many possibilities there are.

Life is full of scripts, handed to us by society, family, friends, pop culture and our own unexamined expectations, and these scripts are incredibly easy to follow, because there it is, the path laid out in front of us: this is how you live a life. And the clear underlying message is that the scripted life will be fulfilling and bring happiness, which is great, when that works out, but less so when it turns out that your part is off the script.

My part is off the script, which is both scary and awesome. Even though I've known that for several years, the process of sussing out where it is and what it is that I want to do, from among all the many possibilities takes time, and for me, a willingness to screw up, get it wrong, kick myself a lot, and then try again.

Is there any greater blessing than being able to explore this and muck it up and try again? Today, it's hard for me to imagine one. Maybe I'll find my path, and maybe I'll just have a great time getting lost and wandering around repeatedly. It's certainly a way to have a lot of wild experiences and meet a hell of a lot of amazing, inspiring people. And that's nothing to sniff at.