December 19th, 2007

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I keep sitting down to write an interesting post on one of the several topics I have floating around in my head, and then I get sidetracked, or I start and it just doesn't gel, or I start and it's lame, or I just gaze out the window idly until I think of something else to do. It's funny how sometimes I feel like writing a whole lot, and other times I don't, but it's a little frustrating to want to write, and to have things to write about, but not to manage to pull it together.

Maybe I can blame the many pages of papers I wrote for school in the last month? Though that's not particularly satisfying.

Perhaps I should consider writing about something totally unrelated to the stuff that appears not to be ready for actual words.
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Note to self: it's best to avoid talk of politics with wingnuts.

Note to self, addendum: saying you're getting a degree in public policy seems to be an invitation to talk about politics. This will probably be true of saying you have a degree in public policy, too.

Highlight line of the evening: "Well, socialism... that's just theft!"

Actually, though, it was good to catch up with the neighbors! Most of them are my kind of wingnut.