December 21st, 2007

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Does anyone in the Boston area have a convection/microwave oven that's relatively easily transportable? If so, might you be willing to let me use it for a weekend in January?
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Update on oven request

I was unclear about my needs for borrowing a convection/microwave oven in January! I have a harebrained scheme for which a convection oven is a requirement. Many convection ovens are combined convection-microwaves, which would be nifty, but the part I really need is the convection part. Well, that and that it be transportable. :)

Thanks all for your offers!
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the sky is falling

So, I've always been what you might call an environmentalist. Having grown up in a community and a family with an active engagement with the natural world -- hiking, camping, climbing, skiing, etc -- I've basically always had a sense of responsibility with regards the world and my (and people's in general) place in it.

These days, though, it's hard not to feel like the sky is falling and that if we can't change our ways, the end of the world is nigh. On the other hand, people have been feeling that way for, as far as I can tell, basically ever, right? I mean, all the early Christians were excited about the return of Christ very soon after his death. They were pretty sure the world was going to end any minute. So, feeling that the world could end soon is pretty cliché, and, frankly, unlikely to be right.
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