December 24th, 2007


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My brother has a dog, Neko, who's a great, friendly, smart mutt. As you may know, smart dogs are a mixed blessing, as they really like to have things to do. And for a couple of weeks, Dan's taking care of Bosco, a young, spazzy black lab belonging to a friend of his who's traveling.

One of the great tricks Dan's taught Neko, though, is to close the door. This means that when we let the dogs out, we can close the door but not latch it, then sit down, and when the dogs are ready to come in, they push the door open and then we can tell Neko to shut the door, and he will! And no one has to get up. This is very handy at dinner time, for example.

Well, the other day, the dogs came barreling in, and we told Neko to close the door. Bosco was behind him, though, and still sort of in the way so Neko couldn't close the door. So, Neko growled, chasing Bosco back out, and then slammed the door in Bosco's face!

This writes up less funny than it was, but we're all still chuckling about it, days later.