December 27th, 2007

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travel day...

In an echo from last year*, my flight out of JAC is delayed from 1:30 to 4, which would give me 17 minutes to transfer to my BOS flight. Happily, my mom had the bright idea to check on this before we went to the airport, and I was able to call Delta and get booked on the later-but-on-time flight, which, assuming it goes on schedule, will get me to SLC with a little more than an hour layover and on my originally scheduled flight to Logan. Cross fingers!

* Last year, weather snafus made for 3 trips to the airport the day I was scheduled to fly out and then another early the next morning, which still didn't get me home in time for the fancy dinner I'd scheduled for that night. Naturally, if my flights today get munged up, it will throw tomorrow's dinner plans off, just like last year.
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Adventures in travel

Oh, well. Salt Lake City is nice! Uh. Yeah.

So, the 1:30 flight that I transferred off, I got transferred back onto after the 3:15 flight was canceled due to mechanical problems. We finally took off at 5ish (my Boston flight left SLC at 5:12), so I'm spending the night at the charming Radisson near the airport. They have cable and wireless (though I left my power cable at my folks' house, so I only have about 4 hours of computer time until it (and I) reaches my house. Whee!

If (and I mean that) I get to Boston as scheduled tomorrow, I will make it to dinner on time, but barely.
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