February 10th, 2008



The wise piece of insight I got today was this: Sometimes, there are things that frustrate you and that you can't do anything about and not being able to do anything about them bothers you. And that's okay.

I get it intellectually, but emotionally? I think this is a big project. To that end, Collapse )

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Normally, I'm really easy to feed. I like good food, and I don't have any allergies or preferential limitations (vegetarian, kosher, etc). I'm also not very picky. There are few ingredients or flavors that I dislike, and even those are preferences rather than hard lines in most cases. This means that I view eaters with more limitations as something of an anthropological encounter, and I often enjoy the challenge of cooking for an audience with such limitations (though it's always a pleasure not to have to worry about it, too).

Yesterday, I started a two week cleanse, though, during which I won't be eating many of the things I normally eat in a day or a week. This is sort of entertaining me, and also giving me a bit of a glimpse into the complexities of thinking about things like eating out while not eating lots of common ingredients. It's also inspiring me to cook a bunch of stuff I've never made before. It's kind of fun!