March 26th, 2008


oh, right, undergrads

moominmolly and I were walking to lunch and were approached by a young woman who asked, excitedly, "Did you go to alternative spring break?"

"Er. What?" we responded.
"Alternative spring break!" And, at our blank looks, she explained, "Everyone who went to alternative spring break dyed their hair different colors!"
"Uh. No, we're just like this."
"Oh, cool," she said, as we parted ways. "Peace out!"

"Er. What?" I said.
Molly responded, "I believe she just said, 'Peace out.' "
"But ... we're fifty!" I laughed. "Alternative spring break." *scoff*

(no subject)

Do you have shiny, glittery, sparkly, colorful or otherwise brilliant fabric or scraps that you have no plans for? Can I take it off your hands? I'm looking both for reasonably-sized pieces and also for pieces that are long enough to make into streamers (say, say, a couple of feet long) but narrow pieces are totally fine.