April 14th, 2008


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Today, I turn in two papers in my series of papers Mondays, which starts today and ends May 5, when I hope to turn in the last of my written work for the term. After today's two, there's one due next week, two the following Monday, and one big one plus 4-5 smallish ones due the Monday after that.

I kind of phoned in the papers that I'm turning in today, which is fine for the economics one, since it's hard to take that class seriously in the least, but I'm feeling a little lame about not putting my all into the ethics paper/debate for this afternoon. On the other hand, it's done, and at 4:00 this afternoon, I'll get to move on to thinking about the next topic and stop fretting about this.
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I'm famous in a very small corner of the internet

You may recall that I spent a lot of time back in February fretting about a presentation I was giving at the AAAS meeting here in Boston with the FairerScience folks. You may further recall that the presentation went really well and I had a good time with it in the end, hooray!

Well, FS got recordings of my talk, as well as those of Annalee Newitz and Claudia Morell, both of whom were part of the same session, so you can hear slightly edited-for-web versions of any or all of our talks. The FS blog post about it is here. My talk, specifically, is here.

All I ask is that you not listen to it in my presence. It's excruciating enough to hear my recorded voice without having an audience to witness my suffering through it.
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