May 8th, 2008


timeline to a job

Monday, April 28: Sent in resume and cover letter. Received a note back saying they had many applicants and would get back to me in the next few weeks.
Thursday, May 1: Received a phone call asking me to come in for an interview next week. Scheduled for Tuesday.
Tuesday, May 6: Had a great interview first thing in the morning. Received a call in the afternoon asking me to come back Wednesday for a second interview.
Wednesday, May 7: Another good interview.
Thursday, May 8: Job offer.


As fraterrisus commented when I got the first call for an interview, "Hey, isn't that how grad school is supposed to work? You decide the field you want to work in, go to school for it, apply for a job in it, and then get offered money to go work in that field?" Yes. Yes, it is.