June 10th, 2008


unrelated tidbits, since I can't get myself together to post something coherent

OkCupid has the most entertaining "IQ test" I've seen on the net. According to them, my highest intelligence is spatial and next highest is verbal. Surprisingly, my math needs work! Hmph.

In other news, the weather is reasonably comfortable if you wear as little as possible and don't move around much.

I got myself a new bike hooray! I decided I might as well go for it, and if the team of folks who've offered to help me fix up my old one is successful, well, then I'll have two awesome bikes! And in the meantime, I can relearn the joys of biking around town. I'm especially looking forward to it for getting home from my late night class.

contessagrrl's and my farm share starts tonight. I'm excited to see what we get! I'm betting on a metric buttload of greens.

Later, there will be ice cream.

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It is so so so gorgeous on the back porch right now. If I thought I would have any chance of NOT getting eaten alive for doing it, I would fix myself a bed out here for the evening, since my room is still about 10 degrees warmer and doesn't have this freshening breeze. I'm loving the bright whoosh of wind in leaves and overhearing little snippets of desultory conversation as people walk by on the bike path.

Now that the end of this heat wave is in sight, I can get excited about the NEXT one, when I am resolved to make a run out to Walden one hot night.
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