June 24th, 2008


caf, half-caf, decaf?

Please chose the role closest to the one caffeine plays for you:

a scurge to be avoided
an irrelevant component of consumables
a recreational drug
a necessary drug
a habit I don't think about

Once again, your poll options fail to consider my unique view:

See my comments below.

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The heavy, humid air the last few days has been like a magnifying glass for my nose. I'm normally reasonably aware of scents around me, but this is ridiculous. I feel like I could navigate the my neighborhood by scent alone.

Last night was the last session of my summer class. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I'm not taking the second summer class, so I just have to write a paper and then I'm done, at least for now. This is very exciting! I also developed a sudden, brief crush on my professor when he put on background music for his closing remarks. Made of awesome.

For no reason that I can identify, I'm not sleeping late these days, despite being reallyreally tired a lot of the time. This morning, I woke up at 6, ridiculously, and couldn't fall back asleep. What gives, dear body??

I, like any good yuppy (or gruppy? green urban professional?), love my SIGG bottle, but in the summer, when I want iced beverages, I'm frustrated by the narrow mouth. And, in the winter, I can't fill it with hot beverages without burning my fingers. Cue the good old fashioned thermos! I mean, I know it doesn't have the cache of a SIGG bottle, but the designs are tried and true, right? I don't know why I didn't think of this ages ago. Idiotically, it took my seeing a SIGG thermos -- for $40 -- to realize, hey, I bet someone else makes a cute thermos for less. And, indeed, they do.
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Nothing like walking home in an utterly drenching downpour! Not many people were out; there was a huge crowd waiting in the T station for the rain to let up, but I figured, hey, I'm going home, and there's warm, dry clothing there, so what the hell?

It was great.
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One of my ideas for bman involves getting myself a wedding dress (no, I'm not getting married). But, of course, I'm taking it to the playa, and it's a lark, and in no way do I want to pay wedding dress prices. So: I'm keeping an eye out in goodwill and other spots, but you all can help! If you happen to see wedding dresses on cheap cheap sale somewhere around Boston, please let me know.

Alternatively, if you happen to have a wedding dress that you wouldn't mind going to Black Rock City (read: getting very very dusty and will never be the same), we should talk.

I have some ideas for how to modify slightly too-small dresses to my satisfaction, more so than too-big ones, but that would, you know, involve modifying the dress, so if it's yours, that's another thing, in addition to the dust, that would make it never be the same!