February 3rd, 2009


Hello, insomnia

Tonight's insomnia is, pleasantly, not fretful.

It is, nevertheless, not sleeping, which is what I'd rather be doing at this hour.
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Two fishy questions for those of y'all who eat such things:

In the Boston area, do you have recommendations for:

1. A favorite raw bar?

2. A favorite fishmonger selling quality bivalves?
happy side

25 Things

So, there's this meme going around facebook and here looking for 25 random factoids about the author. I figure y'all get enough random facts about me from me, so instead, I'm going to call out 25 people who are doing awesome things. I know an inordinate number or people doing amazing stuff, so by no means can I list all of you, so please don't take it personally if you appear not to have made the cut. Just 'cause I don't post it doesn't mean I don't notice it.

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