March 4th, 2009


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The kiss in question here is not a peck and not a full-on clinch, but something between. Let's say it lasts a 3-5 seconds, involves (but doesn't display) tongue, and does not involve groping, grinding, or otherwise suggestive activities, but is clearly intimate.

Poll #1359433 kissing in public

Is this kiss inappropriate in public?


[ETA: I phrased this poll confusingly; take note that the question is whether it's INappropriate. Bad poll designer!]
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Something is not right. My coworker just came into the office with a bag of Lays potato chips. Plain old Lays, no flavor, nothing special about them. He offered them around, and I took one. And it was approximately the best thing, ever. Wtf?

Maybe I should go find a salt lick.
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