September 19th, 2009


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So, PARK(ing) Day was completely awesome. Until Wednesday, I was all absorbed with the logistics and bureaucratic hoop-jumping required to get permits, and until I had them in hand, I wasn't actually sure we were going to get them at all, so I kind of didn't let myself get too involved in thinking or planning for my actual spot until that was all taken care of. And then, as soon as that was done, the existence of sod was thrown into doubt, and there was scrambling and finagling, and we ended up with SOME sod, though only about a third as much as we'd really wanted, but still! So, Thursday night, I got to the point of loading the truck and therefore figuring out what I was going to have in my spot. I'd have enough sod to line the edges, and maybe a little more, which I thought would create a nice sense of edge, and then I'd fill in with carpets and blankets and etc.

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I left my house a bit before 7am, got home a bit after 7:30, unloaded the truck (donated by the ever-awesome Zipcar!), returned it to its spot in Harvard Square, had spike's help delivering the remaining items to LivableStreets (my partner in crime coordination) and then finally had dinner around 9. Also like Burning Man, after dinner, I scrapped my original plans in favor of something my body demanded more: sleep.

I can't help thinking: what if next year I get more crazy creative types on board? Just imagine!