September 22nd, 2009

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I had forgotten how good running makes me feel!

And, in fact, I've never gotten the hang of running first thing in the morning, so that part is a totally novel experience.

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Email I just sent to Farmer Steve of Parker Farms:

Hi, Steve,

I'm sorry to hear that the difficult growing year has affected you
along with so many other farms around the region. I have enjoyed the
vegetables from my share a lot this summer!

I'm confused, however, about the update you just posted to facebook. I
thought that what I was signing up for when I joined a CSA was a
priority position in receiving the fruits of your farm's labor. In
buying a "share", I understood that I was taking a risk with your farm
and would benefit from good growing luck and suffer from bad growing
luck. Obviously, this year has been bad growing luck. But I ALSO
thought that as a shareholder, I would get priority as a customer, and
that I and your other CSA shareholders would see that reflected in
continuing to receive vegetables even if you didn't have enough to do
both the CSA and the farmer's market stand.

So, I'm disappointed to find that you're prioritizing your farmer's
market customers rather than your CSA shareholders. I wish you best
luck in your future farming, but I won't be joining as a shareholder

Best wishes,
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