November 15th, 2009

blind dance 2

blindfolded ballroom

Well, that was awesome.

Today was dilletante's and my blindfolded ballroom experiment (take 1), and it was a lot of fun, I thought! And our guinea pigsattendees seemed to think so, too. You can read dilletante's comments and observations here. Attendees should feel free to comment here, there, or in email.

My hope was that it would be interesting and useful enough that people would want to come back a second time when we knew more about what might work and not work, and I'd say we definitely achieved that! I had a ton of fun, was pleased with how our exercises and the general shape of the workshop went, and we have lots of ideas about how to do it next time.

Stay tuned for future dates.

(no subject)

People talk about "toxins" in the body a lot. For example, people who do herbal cleanses talk about how fiber helps carry toxins out of the body. I've heard for years that massage releases toxins and that's why it's so important to drink extra water afterwards.

What are these toxins? Are we talking about things like lead and mercury, or are they more like magical particles, or something else entirely? I know that bioaccumulation of, say, heavy metals is a real health issue for many people, but ...