April 9th, 2010


Figment Boston

So, hey, there's this awesome event coming up: Figment. And in order to be the most awesome it can be, it needs YOU.

Figment is a free, participatory arts event that started in NYC in 2007 and is coming to Boston for the first time this year on Saturday, June 5. I'm volunteering to help make it happen, and I'm super excited about it. AND I want you to help, too!

I'm the activities/workshops/games curator, so I'm handing some fun, interactive projects, and I know lots of you have stuff that I think would be a great fit. You don't have to have a super polished formal kind of thing to put on an event or workshop; just have an idea for something interactive and fun or interesting (and legal) and you're all set. Have you always wanted to set up a finger-painting station in the middle of Memorial Drive? Want to help kids make magic wands? Enjoy teaching people to stilt or juggle or turn cartwheels? What about setting up a human-sized checkers game? Or capture the flag? Whatever! We want your fun ideas to come out and play. You can have something that lasts a little while or several hours.

To submit a project, go here. If you have questions about submitting a project, check out the FAQ.

Do it! Do it!