May 23rd, 2010


make a wish!

What rituals or lucky items do you wish on (or have you heard of others wishing on them)?

My (probably incomplete) list:

* blowing out birthday candles
* returning the clasp of a necklace to behind one's neck
* passing a truck carrying a load of hay
* falling star/first star of the night
* eyelash (blown off the fingertip)
* when all the digits on a clock are the same number
* blowing the fuzz off a dandelion puff
* breaking a wishbone
* throwing a coin in a water fountain/wishing well

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My bed is my palace of dreams

I adore my bed, and it's important to me that it feel like a haven, a place that's warm and cozy and comfortable and wonderful. I figure it's my mild obsession with my bed that has led to my mild obsession with high-end sheets, because I'm interested in anything that makes my bed more awesome.

Today, despite being incredibly sleepy all day, I did laundry and put my featherbed out on the line in the sunshine and breeze to fluff and freshen, and now my bed is in a state that I utterly adore: the featherbed is aired and fluffed to its maximum dimensions, and the sheets are crisp and clean and summery, and my bed looks like a cloud of luscious, body-cradling heaven. I can hardly wait to climb into it.

In fact, I'm going to go do that right now. And it's going to be awesome.