May 27th, 2010


what do you think when you think about me?

This has come up in several conversations in the past week, so now it's time to make it official by discussing it on the internet:

I both think and talk about people in my life when they're not in the room, both in positive terms (Wow, she's so awesome, and blah blah blah) and negative ones (Boy, it was lame when he blah blah blah). I do this a lot. I enjoy thinking and talking about people when they're not around, and I like thinking that people are thinking about me when I'm not around. I figure some of what people think/talk about regarding me is good, and some is bad, and some is complicated and etc, because that's life and relationships, right?

But it's become clear that lots of people think that people either don't think/talk about them when they're not around, or they kind of theoretically know that people must but are surprised when direct evidence brings it to their attention (Oh, yeah, I was talking about you with so-and-so the other day ...).

So, what about you? Do you think about people talking or thinking about you when you're not around? Does it surprise you to imagine it? Does it make you happy or uncomfortable or nosy or what? When you imagine it, do you imagine people focusing on good things about you or bad things or some middle ground?