June 21st, 2010


old shoes

You know those things you think of as "grown up" things to do? Probably my earliest one of these was staying up late, of course, since going to bed well before my parents did was a big part of my childhood. But there are lots of others, many of which I don't realize I think of as grown up until I do it and feel like I've just earned some kind of grown up status points in my head.

Today, I picked up a pair of shoes from the cobbler, who reattached the upper to the sole on one of them, and resoled both of them, so they're like new. It's actually a little crazy that I've never gotten shoes repaired before; I've been sold on the value of high quality shoes for several years, so it's not like I'm buying cheap, disposable shoes the way I did in my early 20s, but somehow, I've either always lost the shoes, or lost interest in them before they got to the point of needing repairs before now, or they broke in ways that made them seem irreparable.

And, having spent my money to fix a pair of really great shoes rather than replacing them turns out to make me feel like a grown up in a great way.

What makes you feel like a grown up?