September 23rd, 2010

flower smile

what's your biggest hurdle

Imagine you have a great big crush on someone. Do you notice patterns in what you perceive as your biggest hurdle to getting a date?

I'm thinking about things like shyness on your part, or fear of lack of interest on theirs, or you imagine that they're out of your league, or ...

For me, the most likely (and difficult to overcome) barrier to my making a move is having the sense that I'm not that person's "type", or that they wouldn't be interested. Given reason to think that an overture would be, if not successful, at least not misplaced, it's sometimes scary but basically always achievable to ask them out for drinks or whatnot.

I observe that a lot of people seem to think that the main hurdle is their own shyness, and that getting over that is likely to result in nookie (or whatever) if only they could clear that bar, which is always startling to me when I notice it, since it's basically the opposite of mine.