November 26th, 2010


Because one day of thanksgiving is not enough (5 of 7)

Today, I'm thankful for having and exercising choices in difficult times. I have discovered time and again how much a sense of choice, even if I never exercise it, makes the difficult times and things in my life easier. When I give myself permission to take the easy way out if I really, really want to, most of the time, the mere sense that I have an option makes it more possible, more bearable, to put my head down and do the right thing.

And, of course, there are times when I exercise that choice, when I take the easy way out of something, and I don't beat myself up over it. This is an amazing gift to be able to give myself, and an important one.

My experience of sometimes buckling down and sometimes exercising the escape clause makes it all the more powerful to know that I truly am making my experience bigger by having choices at all. These choices make me who I am, and make my life my own.