December 13th, 2010

moon path


When I was younger, I learned a mnemonic to help remember whether the moon was waxing or waning. Since the curve of the waxing moon is like the curve of the outside of a capital "D", and that of the waning moon is like a "C", I learned that "D" = debutante, and "C" = chaperone.

Although it works, I hate this mnemonic. I didn't even grow up in a society with debutantes and chaperones! And I dislike the whole formulation! Yuck.

cuthalion and I came up with "developing" as a vastly improved replacement for the waxing moon's mnemonic, but we haven't hit on just the right companion for the waning moon. Can you help?

My most recent proposal was "chillaxin", but you can see how that isn't actually all that descriptive, and also, some people seem to object to that word on the grounds that it is stupid.

failure to think

Dear Nearly Everyone In the World,

Just because someone did or does something awesome does not mean that s/he is incapable of ALSO doing or having done something awful.

Please stop trying to explain how Julian Assange couldn't possibly have done that bad thing because he's just being persecuted for something else. When you argue that, you're not only wrong, but you're displaying an impressive failure to think.

Thank you,