February 18th, 2011


2011 confessional wrap-up

Wowsa, y'all.

Simple stats:
2007: 424 comments
2008: 1287 comments
2009: 4657 comments
Fall 2009: 1050 comments (open 24 hours only)
2010: 4752 comments
2011: 5774 (before IP logging went back on)

I started out being a little disappointed in the first day or so that it wasn't as playful and flirty as it has been in past years, but I have to say, I am overall incredibly impressed and pleased with this year's confessional. We tackled a whole bunch of big, complex issues, and while I can't say no one stepped on anyone's toes, I can say that nearly everyone did the right thing in the aftermath of missteps.

Wow. Seriously.

Thanks to all of you who engaged at whatever level you did. Thanks to those of you who pushed your boundaries and comfort zones to engage in topics that were hard, scary, or revealing, and for exploring the context of anonymous and onymous posting.

I feel pretty damn awesome about my people and the people you brought with you right now. You all rock!