March 19th, 2011


what goes around goes around

In my 20s, I remember hearing my friends who had entered their 30s talking about how all of their friends who were now in their 40s talking about how in their 30s, they had started noticing their bodies just hurt more often, sometimes with reason and sometimes just miscellaneous aches and pains that would come and go. And my friends in their 30s all talked about how they thought that wouldn't happen to them, but here they were in their 30s and lo and behold, they were finding the exact same thing. And then they'd pop an ibuprofen or two.

And, of course, I remember hearing all that and thinking, "Well, that won't happen to me." But, of course, I was wrong.

I still love my body, even more as the years pass, interestingly, and feel great in it, but it's definitely accumulating its share of aches and pains. I have a persistent pain in my low back that I blame on my chair at WalkBoston. A couple of weeks ago, I developed pain in both shoulders that I self-diagnosed as shoulder bursitis and treated with lots of ice and ibuprofen, and it's mostly better now, as long as I'm gentle with them. Earlier this week, my left foot started mysteriously hurting, and it's either a stress fracture or a badly pulled muscle or tendon, and though it's also responding very well to ice and ibuprofen, there's definitely a big part of me thinking, "Well, crap, I really did think this wasn't going to happen to me."