April 18th, 2011


depart, return

In another window, I have a long, excited post about Coachella partly written.

In this window, I'm kind of mopey and sad. As my long visit in California comes to a close, I'm both yearning to stay here longer, and eager to get home and find a job and sleep in my own room and, of course, see my friends and loves who I haven't seen in so long.

Transitions. They're sneaky little fuckers, aren't they?

PSA - phone outage

While at Coachella, I experienced an extremely refreshing dousing with icy water on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, my phone, which was residing in my bra at the time, found it less refreshing. It sat in the hot glove compartment the next couple of days, and seemed to work fine when we got home last night, other than some weird bright spots on the screen, but I have it sitting in a tupperware of rice for the next day or so, anyway, so I still won't be receiving texts or phone calls until tomorrow.