July 11th, 2011


tiny houses

Last night, metagnat introduced me to Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. Browsing their website immediately went on my list of activities to help me destress. Looking at these sweet, tiny homes gives me that pleasant, wonderful heartache of nostalgia for a combination of the past and the imagined future.

I'm especially enamored of the Fencl, which is jammed full of as much light as you can imagine.

Seriously in love!


In honor of it being so hot today that I couldn't think straight, I just bought my plane tickets out west for Burning Man! I'll be flying to SF August 23, and back Sept 6. I accidentally bought the redeye for Tuesday night rather than Monday night on the return, and I may wind up changing that, but I'm going to sleep on it and see what I think tomorrow. In any case: OONTZ!