November 26th, 2011


Because one day of Thanksgiving is not enough (5/7)

Yesterday got away from me, so I start day 6 with day 5's gratitude:

I'm thinkful for "fake it 'til you make it". Whatever the crazy psychological process(es) it is that allow us to put on a good face and pretend at something and then have our psyches join in later is absurd and completely awesome. I presume there are some people out there who make it without having to just put on a good face and pretend at first at new jobs or projects or roles, but that's rarely so for me.

But at this point, I have great faith in fake it 'til you make it, and, well, it may be crazy, but it works, and it lets me step into new things all the time. Without it, I'd probably still be spending all my time in my room reading. Except, probably without it, most of my favorite books wouldn't have gotten published in the first place, is my guess, so thank goodness for quirky psychological tricks that work in our favor.

Because one day of Thanksgiving is not enough (6/7)

Today, a hodgepodge -- this is a kind of thankfulness that I feel almost every day, and the days that I don't feel it, I definitely think I'm doing it wrong: I'm thankful for the large and small details that make a day good.

I'm thankful for snuggles, for belly laughs, for droplets of water hanging from the tips of branches, for purring cats, sunny walks, music that makes moving involuntary. I'm grateful for fuzzy blankets and impromptu picnics, for a warm bed, finding a wad of dollar bills in last year's winter coat, anonymous gifts and unprompted compliments. I'm thankful for inside jokes, familiarity, comfort, and all the things that make a day familiar, and all the things that make it novel.