December 9th, 2011


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Thanks, everyone, for your comments on yesterday's post. It was really super to hear lots of different ways that people have used fuckups to learn and grow and improve -- and so many ways! People are awesome.

As for my fuckup, I talked to my HR person about it, and she pointed out that it wasn't as big an error as I was feeling (you know how that self-sabotaging voice in your head can take responsibility in the worst possible way sometimes?), and then I had a meeting with the person who had brought it to my attention, and I explained why I'd done it the way I did, and she saw it my way and then we had a really productive conversation about next steps. And she didn't ask me to change my approach. So I think it actually wasn't a fuckup at all, except in my mind, and whatever part of me is afraid of getting "in trouble".

Anyway, then I did my end-of-year self evaluation to send to my boss, which was the perfect thing to do, because I know I've been rocking this job, and so I had no excuse to go badmouth myself, and instead, spent an hour carefully compiling a list of all the awesome things I've done since I got here.

And then I went home and drank in good company and had an awesome night of sleep, and now today is Friday.

The end.
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Boston Poly Speed Dating, #2!

Just a reminder about Poly Speed Dating, coming up! Even if you can't make it, we'd love to have you spread the word to friends who might be interested -- that's the best way for us to cast a wide net and have a really broad, diverse attendance.

We're looking forward to Poly Speed Dating at Oberon next week, and we hope you are too. A few things we wanted to let you know:

First, if you tell a friend who hasn't been to Poly Speed Dating before and they mention you when they register, we'll buy you a drink at the event. Make sure to tell them to put your name in the "Referred by" field.
Second, if you go to more than one Poly Speed Dating event, we keep track of who you've already met! So those of you who we met in April can rest assured you will have no repeat dates. (If you were dating in a couple before and are dating solo now, or vice versa, it's up to you whether you want to keep your dating history-- just let us know.)

Finally, we got feedback from people who wished they had had more of a chance to catch their breath during the dating, so we're working on a system where you're guaranteed time to eat some food, get a beverage, or just socialize in a more free-form way for a while. It'll be great. And the breaks are staggered, so, no lines for the restroom.

Oh right, the link to register at is...

That's all! Spread the word about Poly Speed Dating, and if you have any questions, as always, feel free to email us.

Hope to see you on the 13th!

job awesomeness

One of my colleagues just stopped by my desk for the following exchange:

Coworker: Hey, random question.
Me: Shoot!
C: You are legitimately and hands down better at your job than anyone else in this building. Does that make you happy?
M: It does, in fact! Thank you very much.
C: I was just talking to someone who was comparing himself to another coworker, and I realized, you know, you never do that.
M: Well, my job isn't like anyone else's here, so. But it's nice to have that recognized, thank you!
C: Oh, I think we all recognize it. Have a good day!