November 20th, 2012


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A few months ago, I posted about addressing emails in a fun way in a work setting, and several of you gave me good ideas, and the framework for others.

Today, I sent an email to my groups regarding our new pool table with this opener:

Good afternoon, pool sharks, pool rays, pool skates, and other pool chondrichthyes

So far, I've received 50 style points, a vote for best email of 2012, and a marriage proposal.

Which is to say: Thanks everyone for your help!

Because one day of Thanksgiving is not enough (2 of 7)

Today, I give thanks for my new house and home!

After many months of searching -- some of them demoralizing -- the house-buying process turned from a slow slog to a whiplash fast conclusion. It's totally different from what we had envisioned when we first started looking, and it's really wonderful. I'm still moving in and settling in, and it's going to be such a pleasure once we finally have all the boxes cleared out, but even so, it's a really friggin' exciting and wonderful place to be.

I feel lucky to have moved from one great house and neighborhood to another great house and neighborhood nearby. I'm enjoying getting to know my new neighborhood as the place I live, rather than a place I travel through, and am slowly learning the rhythms of my new home and my roommates and myself in it.

A new home is, in many ways, a new life! It changes everything. I can hardly wait to look back a year from now and see what it looks like then.