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ruthless compassion
I am grateful for compassion. The more deeply I come to feel it, for myself and for others, the more I see how it's the best path for me to be truly happy. The more I see others expressing and acting on compassion, valuing it as one of the highest social and personal goods, the more inspired and admiring I feel about my fellow humans. I am grateful for the moments of human connection compassion brings us, with friends, loves, and strangers. It's world-changing.
ruthless compassion
Finally, I am thankful for time alone. I love my people and other people and being out in the world and interacting and talking and snuggling and all that good social stuff ... and it is all made possible by the measures of rest and solitude and quiet that are scattered through my weeks and months. I usually have to go out of my way to get alone time, and it is so very essential to my emotional well-being. I'm thankful that it's available to me when I need it.