October 6th, 2014

blind dance 1


Fall is busy. This month, I have:

3 days in Maine, starting tomorrow. One final weekend of wedding prep for friends' upcoming nuptials, then possibly a 2-day trip to CA, then a 2-day meeting I'm leading, but the second day of which I will hand off to my team so I can do wedding stuff. Then the wedding, then the following weekend the Food for Free fundraiser and sleep. The next Monday, I go to Maine again for 3 days, then spend a night at home before heading to CA, and from there, to Austin for the first week in November. What is even happening?

I actually feel really oversubscribed, both in my calendar and in my head. I'm also in the middle of about 50 gazillion conversations about what my job might be next year and trying to be clear in my head and heart about what's right and best for me in that. This will invariably mean letting down between 3 and 400 people.

Having put this all down on paper over the weekend, I realized that I will do better to start proactively doing a little scheduling bonsai, so I'm trying to move one CA trip and block some big chunks of time for self-care and introvert time.

Here goes!

Pushing 40

Yeah, yeah, aging brings aches and pains. But the last few weeks have been unreasonable in these things cropping up:

In August, I developed tennis elbow. Then I was on vacation, which helped (less typing), but I seem to have picked up a case of piriformis syndrome from my mom (I mean, maybe I got it from her genetically, but the joke here is I never had problems with my hip before but after visiting home while she was struggling with it, it cropped up for me), and recently I've developed some Achilles' tendon issue that might be related to the low-level plantar fasciitis I've had for years.

I suspect all of the lower body stuff is related to each other, but I'm still not fond of the cascade of small issues emerging in a cluster. Let's have this be it until I'm approaching 50, shall we?