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Every once in a while, I get email from a stranger who has stumbled across my web page in some web search or another. Usually, these emails are religiously focused, most often they come from an angry Christian trying to talk me into The Way. The next most frequent category relates to the various poems I have on my site, often it's the author of the poem writing to say that they're pleased to see that their work is enjoyed. And then there's assorted other mail, from people who have seen something on the pages that rung a bell. This week was the first time that I've heard from someone who had recently decided he was agnostic, and found me on that:

(edited for line-breaks and this fellow's anonymity)

Hi rosa carsons
I hope you don't take this as one of those odd emails we all get.
I am a real person far away in Shawnee, KS
My name is Jim S.
I'm just a person that's works and lives and wonders everyday about this world we are in among a few billon other things that oscillate through my brain from time to time.
Anyway the point of this email.
It is or was about 2AM when I thought of this again like I had for the last couple of weeks.

Its funny I have restarted this sentence about 10 times and realized that this is not simple to put down so I will state it blunt I, after a long time of conidering different theoriesabout god and life, have realized that I am agnostic simply by the science and logic of life. I don't mean that in some sort of cold mechanical way but more like the lack of common evidence that we expect to see anytime there is a story or event related to us. anyway beyond that I had kept that more to myself all these years due to living life and keeping safe? until recently I began to think that there really isn't any special something occurring out there other than natural life. That we are what we are. Yeh I know real deep right?

anyway as I said the point, just tonight I let the thought finally become something simple I said to myself "Life is simply Life." and nothing more. Then I carried this abit more and wondered if anyone else had thought of this that way I mean that its not just about their not being a god or a different ending in life or even a correct meaning to life. that there simply isn't. Its just life, good, bad and otherwise. someone once said "Life is what you make of it" NOW this minute as I wrote that I get it more than ever.

so why write you? Well after thinking about the so called great thought I went to the all knowing, where else? The internet and typed in Google "Life is simply Life" and you popped up. I never cease to be amazed at life and the internet regarding the information that is found there.

I was really amazed at your writings I was really glad to have had the pleasure to come across your writings. LOVE the bumper stickers!! I swear to god (ha!) I am not making this up about the concept that obviously you had come to years before but it is great to come to the same conclusions that someone before you had.

Thas is really about it I suppose. Its now about 2:45 and I have again stayed up way too late. so I bid adieu. I just wanted to connect with you a moment about this. feel free to write or not such is life. but again I enjoyed your thoughts would love to read more

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