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Well! We made it safely to Paris, and all is well, if somewhat sleep-deprived. I'm not big on overnight flights, so yesterday, when we arrived at 11am, and didn't get to the hotel until 2pm, was tiring. And then it was really too late for me to nap and have any hope of adjusting to local time, so I stayed up. We wandered around the neighborhood here and across the river on the islands where Notre-Dame is and the one next to it. Very pretty, interesting, lively area.

We had an amazing dinner with lots of food, wine and conversation, and I think we got back to our rooms around 10. I was in bed by 10:30 and slept until 8:30, which obviously wasn't enough, as this afternoon, I had a desperate urge to nap before lunch.

darthsunshine and I did more wandering today, including the holocaust memorial, which was small, but powerful -- very nicely done. We had tasty crepes for lunch, and we visited the other side of the river for the first time. Next week, I think we'll branch out farther to different parts of the city, but tomorrow, we're heading north to the chateau for the big party.

I wish my French were better. At this point, there's not much point in my trying to engage anyone in conversation unless it's in English, which, of course, lots of people speak. But everyone is friendly, and I think my small efforts at doing business in French are appreciated. I'd love to come back here another time, when I speak French better, and spend more time -- it's such a big city, and then there's the rest of the country, too. A week will barely scratch the surface!

I don't know when I'll be online again, but it'll probably be sometime next week, so I'll talk to you all then! :)

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