ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Let me tell you about dbang

dbang is like Wonder Woman, but more fabulous because she's real. She is gorgeous, smart, witty and fun. She's been really terrific for me when I need to get a fresh perspective on a problem or question because she's very good at shedding new light on a worn problem.

dbang has three adorable sons, a charming husband and makes kickass lasagne. She's really fun to be with, whether we're going to a movie, getting a bite to eat, or having a ladies' night of fun and carousing. All of this shows that she has extraordinarily good taste, so I know when she compliments me, it's extra good. She's really great to be around.

dbang isn't afraid to reinvent herself, and she doesn't let "I haven't done X before," stop her when she thinks she wants to try it. She encourages my grammar snobbery and we are coconspirators in the Campaign to Reinstate the Proper Use of the Apostrophe.

The only bad thing about dbang is that I don't get to see her enough. So, now that I mention it, you all should just pretend I didn't say anything at all about how awesome she is, because I already have enough competition for her time and I don't want more!

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