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I hosted a fondue party for Mosaic folks tonight, and it was fun! None of my horrible fears were realized (ie, no fires were started (other than the sterno, which was supposed to be on fire) no major hot oil splattering or spilling on anyone, no one starved, the mess wasn't too disastrous (and lots of people helped clean up!))

Fondue is yummy! catya makes the best cheese fondue -- maybe next time I'll try my hand at a recipe. I'd never had oil fondue, so that was fun, and also tasty, and I got some good dipping sauces for that! Jenn and Chuck made a very yummy southwestern cheese fondue that was, unfortunately, upstaged by the chocolate. Bad timing, that, but not the end of the world.

And, let me just say, about chocolate fondue: Mmmmmmm!

I'm pooped, but in a good way, and I'm happy to have hosted a successful social event at my place for a change! A lot of people who I'd'v'e liked to have come didn't, for a variety of good reasons, and that was kinda disappointing, but overall, I'm very pleased, and certainly well-fed!

I may use some leftover oil to do a little self-fondue tomorrow with some lamb stew chunks I just happened to pick up at the store :>

It didn't feel much like a weekend day, what with all the running around getting ready, so I'm glad tomorrow looks pretty low-key. Brunch with Liz and Scott and MysteryFriendofLiz, and then... maybe a nap :)

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