ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

regarding the fabulosity of wolfkitn

The first time I met wolfkitn, we had a long, intimate conversation over coffee and cocoa. On one of our soon-after meetings, she introduced me to contradancing. Since then, she has brought loads of laughter, fun and insight into my list, so it is with sadness that I report that I simply don't see enough of her!

wolfkitn is sweet, and considerate, graceful and charming. She is lovely and peaceful to be around.

From time to time, wolfkitn makes an endearing "eep" noise.

wolfkitn (along with pumpkin_pi, of course) threw a kick-ass wedding.

She has a contagious laugh, gives great hugs, and knows how to do really fun things with her hair!

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