ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

What's so great about hammercock?

Sometimes, when you don't know someone very well, it's hard to know why they're cool. Such is not the case with hammercock.

I've been admiring hammercock from afar for nearly as long as I've known her. It started out with an impression of her being a super friendly and welcoming person, which can sometimes be difficult to find in certain social circles. From there, it became clear that she was not only friendly but also thoughtful. She hasset a good example for me in the past couple of years as she has been shifting her life to suit her desires, and growing to match that change.

More recently, she's been an inspiration to me in my desires to become more politically active. She has been so energetic in working for political change, I can't help but feel energized.

hammercock lights up a room when she enters it, so it's always a joy to see her!

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