ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

the mysterious snoway

In the case of snoway, I must first preface my comments with the caveat that I really don't know snoway at all. But even so, I know a few cool things:

First, snoway is a Canadian. I think that all of us non-Canadians can really appreciate that characteristic right about now. I don't know if snoway has married an American in order to help with emigration hassles, but if you're interested, you could certainly inquire.

Second, snoway posts gorgeous photographs. I really love having photos pop up on my friends page, especially when they're pleasing, which snoway's photos always are.

Third, snoway has horses, and, if I've been paying attention right, even has a farm. Now that is cool.

So, you can see that snoway is a person after my own heart in that snowy, farmy kind of way :)

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